The Garaj Mahal

Just like American Chopper, but with cooler bikes. And all the swearing edited out. (Like you want to hear me swear in several different languages.)

07 Suzuki DL-650A WeeStrom aka:The SandStrom

This is my main touring beast. Small engine, cheap suspension, top heavy, cheap sticker price. Adventure bike perfection.

07 Suzuki RM-250

This is what happens when you put insanity in a can and put yellow plastic on it. This bike scares me.

81 Honda CB-750C

This is what happens when I ask myself what it would be like to have a sidecar rig. And trust me the silliness doesn't end there.

01 Suzuki DRZ-400E/SM

I'm going all Suzuki on this, and I mean David Suzuki. This is the attempt to recycle my old race bike and turn it into a nice supermoto bike.

The Garaj Mahal Library

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