The Garaj Mahal

Just like American Chopper, but with cooler bikes. And all the swearing edited out. (Like you want to hear me swear in several different languages.)

07 Suzuki RM-250

This is what happens when you put insanity in a can and put yellow plastic on it. This bike scares me.

The Mods:

RMR Suspension Work: I did this since my inseam and saddle height are incompatible. I can start easier and crash a lot less now that I can touch the ground.

Kouba Lowering Link: Did I mention that I was short?

Rekluse Clutch: OK I have one, and I must be one of the few that doesn't like it. It's not on the bike. It is great in that it is impossible to stall the bike. The bike tractors in any gear. The downside? You lose engine braking and the ability to bumpstart the bike. I do use both when riding. Also it is impossible to tell if the bike is in gear when starting. That made for a few intersting starts. Also the function of the clutch is weakened by the mousy springs.

James Dean Jet Kit: This is a real eye opener. It really cleans up the bike performance. The throttle response is now quicker and cleaner.

Rad guards

Acerbis Barkbusters



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