The Garaj Mahal

Just like American Chopper, but with cooler bikes. And all the swearing edited out. (Like you want to hear me swear in several different languages.)

07 Suzuki DL-650A WeeStrom aka:The SandStrom

This is my main touring beast. Small engine, cheap suspension, top heavy, cheap sticker price. Adventure bike perfection.

The Mods:

1.) Penny-tech Windshield Mod

2.) Cigarette lighters

3.) Symtec Grip Heaters

4.) Steibel Airhorn

5.) Caribou Cases Luggage

6.) John Deere Manual Tubes

7.) Homemade Brake and Signal Lights

8.) Circuit panel

9.) Scorpio Alarm System

10.) Superbrace Fork Brace

11.) RaceTech Front Fork Springs

12.) Custom Paint

13.) Adventure MotoStuff Skidplate

14.) Ventura Headlight Guard

15.) Hepco-Becker Crashbars

16.) Pyramid FendaExtenda

17.) Suzuki Handguards

18.) Suzuki Centerstand

19.) Metzler Tourance Tires

20.) Continental TKC80 Tires

21.) Homemade RAM Bracket

22.) Kisan Voltguard

23.) Garmin Zumo 550 GPS

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