The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 23 - May 5th
Cabo San Lucas

The ferry schedule allowed me an extra day in Cabo. I thought something cool was going to happen for Cinco de Mayo. Well no luck. I'm still dancing with Montezuma, so I guess it's for the better. I strolled into town and checked out some the sights. The harbor was cool, except for the persistent hawking of goods. I did some exploring. I managed to walk over to Lover's beach. First I cut though a resort and did some boulder climbing. I found the beach. Mexican's seem to have a sense of humor. The calm side of the peninsula is called Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach), while the other, more turbulent side is called Playa del Divorcio (Divorce Beach). The dip in the water is relaxing, until a wave slams you into the beach. And that was on the Lover's side.


Playa del Dirvorcio.


Playa del Amor.


Rock formations at the playas.

I ran into a few friendly locals, and one person who weren’t deterred by my "Perdon, No entiendo espanol". I also ran into two ladies from Prince George, BC.

So I'm sitting in my hotel room, writing this, contemplating my next move. I think that Mexico is very Jekyll and Hyde. On one hand some of the roads are awesome, fresh and well paved. Some of the roads are disasters. My hotel room was like that too. It looked quite good with a nice little kitchenette. I noticed that the bed was nice and firm, until I pulled back the sheets. The bed was actually a brick platform. Also the person who painted the room spared the trouble of having an electrician replace plugs, switches and covers. The painter just painted them over so they didn't work. But at least the color matches. I got one plug working to power my laptop and they have internet access so all is not doomed.

Tomorrow, it's back to La Paz and the ferry to Mazatlan.


Mexican ingenuity at work.

Day 24 - May 6th
Cabo San Lucas to Mazatlan

I rode out of Cabo via Todo Santos. The road to Todo was under construction in quite a few spots. The fun part of dealing with this, is other traffic. I can stand up on the bike and ride without slowing down. Other cars will slow down to the point where it is hard to keep upright on the bike. Some of the construction sections were quite dusty, some were watered. The bike had a nice layer of mud on it. I was cool with it since I wanted to paint the bike a flat tan when I rebuild it in the winter. Now I know how the color would work.

Rolling into La Paz, I was hit by some killer heat of 50C. After the tango with Montezuma and bike breaking down and now the heat, I was getting tired of riding. I spent sometime in La Paz, checking out the waterfront.


The waterfront in La Paz.


The lighttower at the pier in La Paz.

I then rode off to the ferry dock in Pichilingue. I was one of the first people to ride on board. The loading crew was quite friendly and helpful, despite my lack of Spanish. I usually carry a pair of ratcheting tiedowns, so the bike was nice and secure. I sat in the lounge, planning out my next leg of my trip. I discovered that I was only a third of the way through my trip. I had difficulty getting motivation for riding all the way to Cancun. I tried to shorten the route to Oaxaca. That didn't appeal to me either. So I just decided to return home. I had even decided to end this trip report right here.

I had made the mistake of not getting a cabin so I crashed in the sleeping lounge, catching a few moments of sleep in between watching a Spanish dubbed Shakespeare in Love.

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