The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 21 - May 3rd
Santa Rosalia to La Paz


The seaside at Loreto.


A glimpse of the Sea of Cortez.

The road to La Paz wasn't too bad, mainly straight with a few nice twisty sections. Found a nice and spartan hotel outside of town. I also had some gobernator burritos at a roadside restaurant. They were good.

Well they were good to a point. Apparently I had enrolled in the Montezuma Diet Plan. (The Mexican government would like to avoid using the term Montezuma's Revenge, seeing how easily scared foreigners are.) The diet plan works wonders. In a few short hours I had purged everything in my system, and was well on my way of getting rid of other unnecessary stuff like my stomach, intestines and spleen.

Day 22 - May 4
La Paz to Cabo San Lucas

I crawled out bed, not feeling too bad. I had taken antibiotics and scammed the remainder of the hotel's toilet paper. So first I had to get a ticket for the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. I had a hell of a time trying to find the place since there is a real scarcity of street signs in most Mexican towns. I was getting pretty pissed off, and thought I would turn around at the next light. That's when I found the place. I managed to stumble my way through a ferry ticket. My Spanish phrasebook came in handy. Then I had to do some laundry. Finding the laundry was easier and an hour later I had some clean clothes.

I had gotten lost and was riding back, when I saw another V-Strom coming. I waved. And as the bike passed, I noticed the writing, Policia La Paz. Then I saw the rider turn around. Thankfully he just wanted to chat. "Cambio?" (change) he asked. "No, bueno por me, malo por tu." (no, good for me, bad for you)

The ride to Cabo was long. Along the coast it was fine, but going inland a little bit meant the temperatures went up. I had a camelback with water so I could sip a little, but sipping too much aggravated Montezuma.

I had made it to Cabo, and was trying to find a hotel with secure parking. Now I don't care how adventurous you like to be, don't get lost in a Mexican town. Why you ask? Simple topes are waiting for you on the back streets to ambush an unsuspecting gringo. (Topes = speedbumps) After hitting one of hundreds, the lock on my topcase failed, launching my case into my back. Combine this with the heat, and dealing with Montezuma, I was (figuratively for the moment) having a poopy diaper moment. I'm really considering taking the ferry to Mazatlan and head north, leaving Mexico.

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