The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 3 - April 15th
Cape Lookout, OR to Orlick, CA

The sun is shining and the roads starts to be good. The day didn't start out so well since I found out my tent's fly was leaking. It was a wet messy start. But the roads were nice and twisty. I rode with Zack. It was quite fun trying to keep up with a GSXR-600. The views were awesome as well. A nice Oregonian lady also filled us on a nice little detour. Travelling route 101 is best done with a sense of exploration. There were few nice little detours along the way.


Contrasting rides: One lightly loaded GSXR-600 and an overloaded DL-650A


More Oregon coastline. Rocks at Pacific City.


Proof that I am on this ride.


I will have to admit that a V-Strom will never be as cool as this ride.

I did crash a hotel in the end since arriving in California I found out that a campsite for tenting ran around $30. So I spent the extra $20 and got a hotel room.

Day 4 - April 16th
Orlick, CA to Olema, CA

OK, I have to say that it looks like too much of a good thing has nearly did me in. Heading south I rode along Route 101 and detoured into the Avenue of the Giants. This section was really cool since the road meandered through the giant redwoods. Some of these huge trees were right at the edge of the road.


The California coast. I don't have any pics of the road since I can't really do them any justice. I do have video though, which I might edit and put onto YouTube later.

Then I veered off of Route 101 at Leggett and turned on to Route 1. All I can say is "wow!". The road quickly turned into a pile of "whoa, this is cool" corners. (read: super tight and slow speed.) Once I reached the coast, the corners eased up into sections of "wheee!" (nice and faster twisty sections) and "wah-hoo" (Stupid fast straight sections). There were a few "holy crap" (decreasing radius) and some "son of a ..." (sudden sharp) corners. After the road starts hugging the coast in sets of wide sweepers. Attacking this whole road is not recommended in one shot. All the twisting and turning got me to the point where I wasn't as sharp as I should be. I did try to stop, but several campsites were full. I figured that I was competing with the weekend warrior, and they snuck into camp while I was out playing. I rolled into Olema and set up camp in the dark.

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