The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 1 - April 13th
Surrey BC to Kalaloch WA
Today was a mixed day. I didn't bolt out the door at first light. So I hit the border around 9:00am. I got grilled by a US customs officer with questions, like how long have you had the bike, and have you done long trips like this before, etc. Apparently my laizez-faire attitude towards planning should be hidden at border posts.

The ride south was fairly uneventful, aside from dodging crap rain. I hit a patch outside of Seattle, but once I got to Olympia is all fine and sunshine. While slogging through the rain I thought of diverting west from Olympia and going straight to Aberdeen on the coast. But I was lulled by the nice weather, so I decided to head north up the Olympic Peninsula like I originally planned. Well I was rewarded by finding more cold rain. I did hit Port Angeles and veered back south. I pushed daylight a bit and finally stopped in the sun at a nice campsite at Kalaloch. The temps were barely in the double digits. Thankfully my gear has held up. I may regret taking my heavyweight riding gear later, but not now. So I'm typing this in the dark at Kalaloch while the Pacific Ocean roars away outside.


My campsite at Kalaloch. The Pacific Ocean is just behind the hedge.



Day 2 - April 14th
Kalaloch, WA to Cape Lookout OR

Another day of nice riding. Well almost all nice riding. I did get lost in Astoria, OR but that's obligatory and best to get it out of the way. Also I did have some minor mechanical issues forcing me to stop early at 5pm to do some maintenance on the bike. But the weather was nice and the roads were good so it all ends up on the plus side.


The Oregon Coastline.

I did see another rider pull into camp. So I decided to say "hi" I ran into Zack. I found out that he was not only from BC, but he was from New West. (a rock's throw from home) I also found out that he's an electrician like me. Then I find out that he works for Goodwin Electric, which is the industrial branch of Granby group of companies. I incidentally work for Bridge which is the commercial branch of the same group. (Cue "It's a Small World After All")


Enjoying another sunset.

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