The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 19 - July 19th
Quebec City, QC to Gaspe, QC

Today I make for the road...well if I can get to the road. Apparently I'm blocked in by cars in the hotel's tiny parking lot. But the manager has managed to get keys to one of the vehicles and I'm free to hit the road. I do have to compliment the manager since he saw the problem yesterday and had gotten the keys then so that I could hit the road after breakfast.

So I'm off and running. And early morning with no traffic in Old Quebec and I was out with a minimum of fuss. Since it was Saturday there was quite a bit of traffic, mostly consisting of Harley's and the odd sport bike.

The road along the Gaspe peninsula is good. After Grand Valee the traffic tapers off and the road begins to twist and turn. It is not the place to play speed racer since there are a lot of blind corners and hills. Also keep an eye on your fuel since not every town on the map has a gas station.

Gaspe Scenery

The scenery on the northern side of Gaspe.


The Strom on the Gaspe.

I finally crash (figure of speech) at Forillon National Park, just outside of Gaspe.

Day 20 - July 20th
Gaspe, QC to Bathurst, NB

Another long day of riding. First I do check out some of the attractions of Forillon National Park. I check out the Hyman & Sons General Store. The store was redone to look like it did in the 1800's when Gaspe was the center of the cod fisheries. The warehouse outback illustrated the cod preserving process. The upstairs of the market had a display of a typical fisherman's life over the course of a year. I also checked out Fort Penouille, a WW2 gun emplacement built to defend Gaspe from German U-boats. The Gaspe harbor was to be used as the harbor to which British Naval vessels could be moored if Britain fell to the Nazis.

Gaspe Scenery

Gaspe Scenery.


Walkway to the gun emplacements.

Looking out

Looking out at the bay.

Looking in

The emplacement from the outside.

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