The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 17 - July 17th
Plessisville, QC to Quebec City, QC

I get up early for my triumphant entry into Quebec City...only to discover that I had left a set of keys back in the motel room in Plessisville. So I race back and get the keys, thus setting the stage for my triumphant entry into Quebec City.


Statue at the center of town.

I roll into town and I'm promptly blown away by the city's old world charm. Well for the first lap anyway. After that the heat, humidity and the traffic takes a toll. Nothing spells fun like following a tour bus which in turn is following a horse and buggy up a hill. But as I'm crawling along, one local asks; "Hey BC how's the trip?" Anyway I do find a nice hotel, in the Maison des Remparts. This is where packing lightly comes into play. My room was on the top floor and there was no elevator. I do recommend stopping at la Rue Urselle first since there seems to be a close packing of hotels there with parking. Also there are quite a few hostels there, noting that Auberge is french for hostel. I spent the first night checking out the main shopping district. My lack of french really wasn't a problem since most people here spoke english. Even when I do speak french, I get replies in english. There must be a secret "Anglo-detectur" device somewhere. Oddly enough even some ATM machines and automated gas pumps display instructions in english.

Then later on in the evening as I went back to my hotel, I noticed a large crowd lining the Rue des Rempart. I went back to my hotel and checked out the view from the roof deck. For Quebec City's 400th anniversary they had organized a visual display similar to the Parliament Buildings, however this one was three times larger. The theme was images from Quebec's history from 1608 to 2008.



Day 18 - July 18th
Quebec City, QC

Today was a rest day, well more like hoof around town on foot day. I walked all around the old town and checked out the Artillery Park. There were some awesome historical displays fleshed out with people dressed in historical costume. The displays ranged from french officer's quarters to barracks for the Scottish Highland Regiment. Then I checked out the lower town and the docks. The lower town retained some old world charm, but was more focused on day to day stuff rather than the collection that caters to tourists. I then followed the waterfront and walked into the Musee d'Civilization. There for $10.00 one could spend an entire day exploring the exhibits. There was exhibits ranging from one exploring the influence of gold in the Americas, to African Berber pottery, the ritual meaning of repairing items in Africa, an examination of Urbanization, history of Quebec through artifacts, and a display of artifacts from First nation cultures...There was more, I was museumed out by this time. I also strolled over to Petit Champlain shopping district. If you are tired, please relax in the knowledge that there are several good Irish style pubs in the area, and they staffed by beautiful French-Canadian women.


Making a delivery in Lower Quebec.


A demonstration at Artillery Park. The humidity was so bad that this was attempt number three to get the rifle to fire.


The Bastion at Artillery Park. Each floor is dedicated to an era of Quebec history.

Officer's Mess

Officer's Mess.

Enlisted Quarters

And for the rank and file grunts. Oh yeah, it is noted that they slept two to a bed. No point in wasting all that space.


And the kitchen for the officers.

Captain Jack

And a Captain Jack (or is that Capitan Jacques) sighting down by the old port.

Petit Champlain

Looking down on Petit Champlain at the base of the old city.


Statue of Jesus at the L'hotel Dieu, the first hospital in North America.

Artist's Alley

Artist's Alley.

Quebec City Police

Quebec City Police. Not sure about the camouflage, also a trials bike would be better suited for the city, not a Harley.


Sentry of the 22nd Regiment ("VanDoos") at the Citadel.


A fun ride when empty in the early morning. I just love the old world charm of the place.

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