The Flight of Bear Canada

Day Ten - July 10th
Cypress Lake, ON to Tiverton, ON

After spending the night in Cypress Lake Park, I roll south (sort of) to Tiverton. I meander into Wiarton, then onto Sauble Beach, and finally into Tiverton, where I surprise my friends, owners of Tiverton Park Manor. Yes this ride was sooo tough that I had to check into a retirement home. One interesting thing to note is that there are a lots of things named Bruce around here; Bruce County, Bruce Township, Bruce Power, Bruce Telecom. And when Stuart and I head out for dinner, we head to Kincardine and eat at guessed it...the Bruce. One thing Stuart did point out is that most of the small towns in Ontario seem to be cleaner and neater in appearance than the one back in BC. He did say the tradeoff was that there wasn't as much hot women in Ontario as there was in BC. (If anyone wants to disprove this, please send photographic evidence to the email address below.)


Windmills near Port Elgin, ON. Each one of these can power up to 600 homes, and there are several hundred of them being installed. A lot of these stand idle since another company had to supply the power lines from the windmills to the substation.

Day 11& 12 - July 11th & 12th
Tiverton, ON & Area

Today is a bit of a break day. I stay with friends and catch up on cleaning clothes, posting souvenirs and unused stuff back home. I also get the camera out and check out Kincardine and the Bruce Power nuclear plant.

Church in Kincardine

A church in Kincardine. Most of the homes in the area are small brick built units.

Kincardine Lighthouse

Kincardine Lighthouse


Mennonites in Kincardine. Laugh all you want, they have the last laugh when they pass the gas station...

Saugeen Beach Homes

Saugeen Beach's main strip. Just like the seashore, without the salty smell.


And just the make this a bonafide adventure ride...some gravel road action!

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