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The Winter Reset

Seriously I have nothing. I'm not angry, miffed, disgruntled or even annoyed. I'm itching to go riding again. I'm even trying to get this website up and running again. Heck, I'm even watching the Dakar rally this time. What the hell happened?

I call it the winter reset. This is where you are forced away from something and forget about all the things that pissed you off. Or you can be like me and forget about all the things that made you hurt and start believing that you're superman again. In any case, it works.

Mind you there are mini-resets along the way as well. I am comtemplating doing a how to ride an adventure bike series after my presentation at the Horizon's Unlimited meeting was well received. The pat on the back was greatly appreciated. If you like to travel by motorcycle, then I highly recommend going to a Horizons Unlimited traveller's meeting.

So what else is planned for the new year? No big trips, though I am itching to go back to Mexico. For this year it's small trips exploring the backroads of home. I do hope to capture this on video and put it on the web for all to see and enjoy.

Also the website is back up and running, after a good meltdown I had at the tail end of my Mexico trip. What happened was that doing a website on the road takes a lot of time and energy, and it got to the point that I didn't feel it was worth the effort.

The new site is a change from the "revolutionary" website I had up earlier. I kind of enjoyed that one because of the cheesiness factor. I've went with a retro style design because I love old bikes. Of course if you check the site out, there is some residual cheesiness. Don't believe me? Check out the Garaj Mahal.

You may ask yourself why is it's still Team Grizzly when it's just a personal webpage. Well it's mainly because I still have a year with the domain name and I'm too cheap to waste it. Also it's a cool name. And I love the irony of being a one man team. And what happened to the rest of the team? Well there was no spectacular spat, fight or civil war. It's just after we were done with the Piston Run we decided to go our own ways.

So where and whenever you ride, enjoy it.

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