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Packing for the Long Haul

Motocrossers may laugh at us of packing everything including the kitchen sink with us when we go riding. But then we can laugh when we can ride our bikes back to camp after fixing it on the trail. So one may ask what the hell does a rider pack in their fanny pack.

The first kit is the basic Race Pack. The aim of the kit is to provide tools to fix a minor problem on the race course. Usually help is nearby and so is the pits, The aim here when equipping the kit is to provide the most tools of the least weight. So when you can find tools that have multiple purposes. I listed a breaker bar for sockets. The breaker bar is a simple bar with a sliding part where the sockets attach. The bar can be combined with a extension and socket to make a functional T-handle. Some people take an existing T-handle cut down the handle so it fits then weld on other sockets. The finished product has three different sockets on three different ends. So play around with the contents of your personal kit.

The Race Pack

The Trail Pack is a little more complicated. The aim of this kit is to provide tools and supplies to fix problems when you're out in the middle of nowhere.

The Trail Pack

The stuff in the race pack plus;

The Ultimate Pack is the mother of all packs. It's meant for multiday rides out in the back of beyond. The aim is here is to get the sorriest of bikes out of the boonies.  You may note that the kit lists a spare front tube. The thing is that a front tube can be installed in the rear tire, but the rear tube can't be installed in the front tire. I would also suggest equipping yourself with a small survival kit as well for the true wilderness excursions.

The Ultimate Pack

The contents of the Race and Trail Packs plus;

Survival Kit The key to packing for each one of the kits is to plan. Assess what kind of riding that you do and what kind of trouble you can expect to get into. Then equip the kit with items to remedy each problem. The ideal kit for you is as personal as you are. The packs listed here should be a good guideline. Personally I can remember a few times that I have been very thankful that I have packed tools. So if you take anything from this article, it's the idea that you at least be prepared this way you can laugh in the face of adversity.

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