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(AKA: The Reading Guide for those too lazy to read.)

Austin Vince et al

If you can only watch one motorcycle travel video, watch Mondo. Forget Ewan and Charley's vid. These guys did it first and did it better. No support team, this do it youself affair proves that you can travel around the world if you just have fun and keep your wits about you. Terra Circa tracks the team as they try to conquer the Zilov Gap in Russia, and obstacle that stopped them in Mondo and that sent Ewan and Charley crying in Long Way Round.

Also if you get a chance to see either Austin Vince or Lois Pryce, do NOT pass it up. They are absolutely awesome presenters.

Austin Vince

Grant & Susan Johnston

This started out as a single DVD on how to ride around the world. It has morphed into a slick and informative 6 DVD set. It features information on almost every aspect of riding around the world from not only Grant and Susan, but other experienced riders as well, making it entertaining as well as informative. Well worth the money.

Need more inspiration? Grant and Susan are at it again with a collection of traveller's tales. Rene Cormier, Peter and Kay Forwood, Greg Frazier and Tiffany Coates all present their tales of travel around the world.

Robert Fulton

This one is a bit dry, but I like since it's narrated by the man himself. Fulton goes through the film that he shot of his epic travel around the world in 1936.

Guarav Jani

This one follows Jani as he tries to ride the highest motorable plateau in India, the Changtrang. Jani rides Luna, his beloved Enfield to the plateau beneath the Himalayas. He also takes a look at the nomads and their lifestyle

Sterling Noren & Helge Pedersen

Ewan MacGregor & Charley Boorman

This one opened many eyes to adventure riding, including mine. While non-riders may drool and seasoned riders snicker, it brought motorcycle touring to the attention of the world.

Not bad, but rushed. The pacing is horrible, with the documentary skipping whole sections and Ewan rushing to get to South Africa.

Charley Boorman

Charley tries to take on the world's toughest race. It's an excellent behind the scenes of a massive undertaking. And Charley may not have finished the race, he does tag along and finish the documentary.

Charley Boorman tries to fill Michael Palin's shoes and travel from London to Sydney by any means available. There is some motorcycling, but some of the means are quite cool.

Finally Boorman is getting better at it. Follow him as he travels through Asia to Tokyo.

Ray Mears

OK anything by Mears is great, but the first two above series cover outdoor survival in a practical manner. Well worth watching. The following three cover Ray's travels to the country and tells the tales of exploration and survival.

Les Stroud

Three seasons of the man himself going into the wilderness to film his story of survival. Gritty, real and free of BS.

Michael Palin

While Palin has probably never touched a motorcycle, his tales of travel are excellent for their sense of exploration, wonder and humor. Great for either entertainment or inspiration.