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The Booklist: How-to Books

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Chris Scott

Must get How-to guide for adventure riding. It can be a bit dated and euro-centric, but still has lots of great info.

Johnathon Edwards & Scott Harden

This is another How-to book put together by two former Rally Pan-Am support guys. It has great information even if your not racing the Dakar, just going out desert racing or even just adventure riding.

Robert Young Pelton

Pelton has travelled the world in search of stories in remote and obscure parts of the globe. His tips, tricks and techniques of going and getting out in one peice is collected here. It's a survival guide for more practical types.

James Shepherd-Barron

Barron had worked as a military peacekeeper and an international aid worker. While the average motorcycle traveller may not need to know how to use an AK-47, it still contains a lot of great information.

Les Stroud

A good survival book written by Survivorman himself.

Robert Wicks

David Hough

Greg Frazier