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Off-Road Riders Manifesto. 

Every rider should read this. I have seen quite a few times that the action of a few idiots leave the sport with a black eye. We are not all speed freaks who ride recklessly with out helmets while guzzling beer. Yet that is the impression that a lot of people have of us. So, fellow revolutionaries, it is time to spread the word. Read the manifesto below, live it and teach it to others. Actions like that will preserve our sport for our children.

Dirt Biker's Ten Commandments

1.) Ride with proper gear at all times.

2.) Have a proper spark arrestor and exhaust silencer.

3.) Obey all private property and no trespassing signs at all times

4.) Appreciate our environment and our designated riding areas.

5.) Always be considerate of any others in the area.

6.) Move aside for a faster rider whenever it is safe to do so.

7.) Be aware of slower riders and pass with care.

8.) Offer assistance to other dirt riders if needed.

9.) Be free of drugs and alcohol when riding.

10.) Keep our riding areas litter free and take all your garbage with you.

(Thanks to the Fraser Valley Dirt  Riders.)


1. I will respect the rights of all recreationalists to enjoy the beauty of the outdorrs. I will respect public and private property.

2. I will park considerately, taking no more space than needed, without blocking other vehicles, and without impeding access to trails.

3. I will keep to the right when meeting another recreationist. I will yield the right-of-way to traffic moving uphill.

4. I will slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another recreationist.

5. I will respect designated areas, trail-use signs and established trails.

6. When stopping I will not block the trail.

7. I will not disturb wildlife. I will avoid areas posted for the protection of feeding wildlife.

8. I will pack out everything I pack in, and will not litter.

9. I realize that my destination objective and travel speed should be determined by my equipment, ability, the terrain, weather, and the traffic on the trail. In case of an emergency, I will volunteer assistance.

10. I will not interfere with or harass others. I recognize that people judge all trail users by my actions.

11. As a motorized trail user, I will pull off the trail and stop my engine when encountering horse back riders (it is also a good idea to take off your helmet and greet the riders).


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