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So you want to head out on a grand adventure, but there is one hitch. How can one find adventure when one can't even ride on the road to get there,

So this series of article is aimed at helping you the rider put the put youself on the road to adventure, both litetrally and metaphorically.

Mental State

Don't Panic. There is a reason why it is on the front cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The reason is that it is damn good advice. Panic effectively stops thought process and may even slow down and stop. Tension effectively robs you of fine motor control.

So feel free to do whatever it takes to cultivate a zen like peace. Dismount and scope out the trail on foot. Move rocks, sticks and other obstacles. Lighten the bike. Probe the bottom of mud holes. Whip out some incense and meditate. Whatever it takes.

Also remember that someone has ridden this kinds of stuff before. When you get back on the bike and continue to ride forward, concentrate on the terrain ahead, creating a mental line. If you focus on that line, your body and the rest of the bike will foliow. This does work both on and off road.

I hate to say this, but be prepared to crash. You're going to dump the bike and you're going to bounce off the road. Accept it. I'm not saying that you have to like it, but you will have to accept it.

Physical State

Like I said before, prepare to crash. So dress for it. You will be dealing with slower speeds and rougher terrain, so I would dress with more impact armor than abrasion armor, since you'll probably smash more than slide.

Also armor the bike as well, with crash bars, skidplates, handguards and any other armor that fits on your bike. Also select tough luggage as well, since they take a beating in a crash, but also help by keeping the bike off the rider's legs in a lowside crash.

When loading the bike, avoid using bungies. The load can bounce on a rough road and under some conditions, bungies can let got and cause your load to fly out of control. This has been known to cause fatalaties. Use straps and secure the load well.

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