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Really Cool Sites

These are the sites that I feel that you should have bookmarked for easy reference. I find them useful for finding information on riding in BC.

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association (PNWMA)
This is the organization that we used to organize our race under along with a bunch of other lunatics. The PN promotes all sorts of motorcycle events. They are also the sanctioning body for the BC/WA off road series. Their site includes an event calendar, race results, and info on membership in the PN. A really cool site to bookmark if you want to ride off road in BC.

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association

Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA)
Brothers (and Sisters) to the south. Some events in their series are held in conjunction with the PNWMA's Off road series.

Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club (GVMC)
These guys help us put on the Piston Run. They also put on a few dual sport rides for those riders who like to ride some more mellow stuff than Chipmunk Creek at racepace.

Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club

BC Off-Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA)
A new organization recognized by the government, created to support off-road motorcycling in BC. Support their efforts in maintaining off-road trails in BC, by purchasing a Trail Pass. Part of the proceeds go directly back to the clubs that maintain the riding areas. Also with a Platnum Pass you can get the liability insurance needed for riding a dirtbike on the fire roads.


Dual Sport BC
You may wonder where dirt bikers go when they get old. Well they go dual sport riding. (Like they would retire their bikes.) Dual Sport BC is just the place for any rider, young and old that wants to live the adventure on and off the pavement.

The Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association. (GKMA)
Our bretheren up in the dry dusty interior. They put on the Something Nasty Hare Scrambles as well as well as being upstanding representatives of motorcycling in the interior.

The Okanagan Trail Riders (OTRA)
The club formerly known as the Kelowna Dirt Bike Club is still up in the interior and doing a bang up job representing off-road motorcycle riders in BC.

The Fraser Valley Dirt Riders (FVDR)
If you want to have fun, these guys are the ones to see. They famous for putting on the Herrling Island poker run.

Fraser Valley Dirt Rider Association

Squamish Dirt Bike Association
BC's newest club, up in the Squamish area. They're off to a running start for 06 with a Hare Scramble and their second Poker Run.

Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club (BMMC)
Want to keep riding at McNutt? Well help these guys out. Check out their site.

Quesnel Cross Country Motorcycle Association (QCCMA)
Organizers of the Bushwack Poker Run and Outback Bushwack Hare Scrambles.

RMR Suspensions
A cool suspension shop located in Abbotsford BC

Gnarly Parts
A totally kicka$$ aftermarket parts shop in Chilliwack. They can do mail order, and even bring in special order stuff. If they can't get it. It just isn't made. Also Gnarly Dave runs a cool blog as well.

Ride Free Motogear
If your going motocycle touring, check out Ride Free Motogear. It has quite a few good items, that will make your ride just a bit better.

ADV Rider
A cool forum for all the dualsport and adventure riders out there.

Motocross Canada
These guys are cool since they don't limit themselves to just motocross. They also add in sections from the off-road world as well.

As a newly converted four-stroke pilot, I have to say that this is one cool site. It has a ton of information for the rider for the thunderbikes. The forums are also a good source of information.
A forum dedicated to enduros, cross country's and hare scrambles.
A forum dedicated to finding places to ride. Nothing on Canada...yet.

Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)
What happens when you get members of the motorcycle industry, clubs and organizations together. You get the MCC, an association created to improve the sport, a Canadian version of the AMA.

A really cool collection of sites. They also have a forum where you can exchange information on anything dirt bike related. One of the best dirt bike sites around.

Backroad Mapbooks.
If you drive or ride off-road in BC, one of these books just has to be in your glovebox. Also keep an eye out for riding areas now listed in the latest versions.
OK. Now you're wondering what on earth is a sportbike site is doing here? Well, a) I know Suzanne and I have to say she's one cool chick, b) she's Canadian c) she races and d) any woman who promotes motorcycling deserves kudos especially one who tries to get more women into the sport.

A collection of cool sites around the lower mainland.


Can there really be too much really cool sites on the web?

Truly Canadian Web Site Club, Eh!

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