The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 35 - May 17th
Boulder, CO to Grand Junction, CO

Today was cool. One of the first things I did was hunt down the global headquarters of Caribou Cases. When I had broken my luggage rack, Roger has sent me one for the cost of shipping. To say thanks I had delivered a bottle of tequila from Mexico.

The roads in the Colorado Rockies were cool. I tried to get through Rocky Mountain National Park. The road was blocked which wasn't bad since it cost money to go through. I rolled south towards the interstate. Even that road was cool, with all the twists and turns in the road.

Day 36 - May 18th
Grand Junction, CO to Ely, NV

I started today in the parking lot of a Motel 6. Loading up I chatted with some Harley riders. I found out that Hogs gas milage was not much less that mine. (40-42mpg compared to mine 48mpg) Maybe I might get one when I get too old for adventure riding. One thing I have noticed have noticed is that stereotyes are BS. I've seen HD riders initiate waves, adventure riders ignore you, and the people who ride are cool regardless of what they ride. And the greatest tragedy ever is someone who trailers their motorcycle.

Today was a nice ride west. The weather was iffy in spots. I had purchased a set of rain gear and donned that over my Joe Rocket gear. My Rocket gear used to be weather proof, but not after three years of use. Well it was nice to be dry and warm under four layers of gear. I rolled west on Hwy 50 appropiately called the loneliest road in America.

I stopped for the night in Ely at the Hotel Vegas. The place was a cool, built in 1929 many famous people have stayed here. One cool quirk is the three warning labels concerning the hot water at the hotel.

The Hotel Nevada's hot water
DOES NOT behave like it ought'er
A man who stayed here
was caught unaware.
And no longer a son, but a daughter

AE Poynor.

And for the record, I survived the shower intact.


This is what a meltdown looks like. Seriously doesn't look like much here. But the effort of riding, trying to record it all, and update it on the road became a bit much. I stopped with the note taking. For all you aspiring travel writers out there, I would really suggest developing a system that is quick, easy and efficient. And practice it, to get ot polished. For all you motorcycle travellers, stop for a minute and try not to get caught up in the mania of trying to pour on the miles. I know riding is fun and it's hard not get caught up in the ride. But seriously, stop and smell the roses. Also if your reading a ride report, please feel free to make a comment. It makes the writer's day when their work is being read.

So thanks for reading. Hope to catch you on my next ride.

Mike Fodor

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