The Flight of Bear Canada

One good Newfie joke I heard was:

This newfie travels to Toronto and visits a house of ill repute. Once there he asks for a particular woman, short, blonde, green eyes. And the madam say she has just that kind of girl. So the newfie gets introduced to Mary and they go off to the bedroom. Well they fool around for an hour and he pays Mary $75 for the hour and gives her a $25 tip. Well he comes back the next night and asks for Mary. Mary and the newfie get it on for a hour and again he pays her $75 for the hour and $25 for a tip. One the third night he comes back and asks for Mary and again they get it on. The again he pays her $75 for the hour and $25 for a tip. So Mary is quite curious about the newfie. So she ask him where he's from Cornerbrook is the answer. Mary is quite impressed and says "I'm from Cornerbrook as well" I know says the newfie, I moved next door to your mother six months ago and I'm bringing you the $300 she gave me to give to you."

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