The Flight of Bear Canada

The Aftermath

Well I returned to my home and all the fun things that come with it. I'm currently have a backlog of website updating to do. I also have to do some serious work on the Strom. With over 45 thousand kilometers on the odometer, everything is suspect. I also have a chain and sprockets to replace as well as one turn signal. The Strom rode beautifully. Aside from the chain there was no real hiccups.

The ride itself was awesome. I loved the history in Ottawa and Quebec as well as the natural beauty of the maritimes. My only regret is not taking more time off, but then again I did find myself overloaded with all the new experiences and places that I had seen. The bike handled the load well. But I did find the load of camera equipment and lap to be a bit too much. Doing a blog with a digital camera and a laptop is one thing. But I tried to incorporate video as well. If you do something like this plan to spend a few hours fussing with it along the road. Don't leave it to the end where it can become a mountain of raw footage. Also do plan time off the bike. the days in Ottawa, Tiverton and Quebec City were cool rest days that allowed me to explore the places in a bit more depth.

I hope you enjoyed this little travelogue. And I do recommend doing this kind of stuff yourself, since viewing things through your own eyes is the best way to see things.

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