The Flight of Bear Canada

Day 27 - July 27th
Goobies, NL to Port aux Basques, NL

The ride to Port aux Basques was uneventful. Then about 20km from the port I hit some more fog. Arriving early I do check out Port aux Basques and Iles aux Morts. The roads were twisty, the terrain was barren and the whole feeling was very eerie with the fog.

Iles aux Morts

Iles aux Morts (Isle of the Dead) in the fog.

I hit the ferry terminal to catch the 2am ferry. In order to avoid the jitters I had getting on the island, I had made reservations. I chose the 2am ferry so that I can sleep on the boat while it crosses so I don't loose as much riding time. I did try to book the midnight ferry but that was full.

So I get to the ticket booth and was informed that the 2am sailing may not depart until 5 to 7 am. Then I was told to go through and talk to the traffic director to get turned around so I can find a place to stay in Port aux Basques. Well I get to the director and he tells me to park the bike and go to the office. Once there I explain my situation. Then the clerk books me a spot on the midnight ferry. I suppose travel isn't the same if there isn't a level of insanity mixed with a bit of lunacy with a hint of idiocy throw into the mix.

I roll to the bike lane and chat with the other riders. Of course I find another V-Strom modified almost exactly like mine. So we end up comparing notes. Yes, the call of V-Strom cult is strong.

Ferry Loading

Ferry loading at night.


The Strom on the ferry, all nice and snug.

And on the way to ferry I did find this...

Dildo Island

I'm not sure if this was an actual tour, it must be popular with the lesbians.

Day 28 - July 28th
Port aux Basques, NL to Fredericton, NB

The night on the ferry was not really that great. The dorm rooms were hot and stuffy. Also they were located above the engines. I mean there were several decks of separation, but still the vibrations still got through. Also the lights were never fully turned off. Next time I recommend a sleeping bag liner, blindfold, and a bottle of screech. Fortunately earplugs were not mandatory unlike a night I spent in a hostel.

The riding today was mixed. The weather started out good, then turned to rain. It cleared up and turned back into humid heat once I reached Halifax. One thing I did get a kick out of was that apparently Dartmouth is a moveable city. As I rode along the coast road east of Halifax I noted that Dartmouth was 5km farther away from Halifax. Then a while later Dartmouth moved 10km to be 5km closer. But it then moved back to be 3km closer. And I passed a sign that said 200km to Halifax, then a while later while I was riding west, Halifax moved to being 220km away. The sun came out as I headed north. I did stop in Truro and mailed a parcel back home. I bought the biggest box I could find and mailed souvenirs and unused equipment back home. It was good to be a bit lighter and I moved my camera bag from my back to my top box. I could ride a bit more freely. I continued onto to Fredericton. I rolled through Gagetown and got to pass a few Canadian Forces Grizzlies IFV's. It was cool to see them rolling down the road. Back in BC, we don't get to see this kind of equipment. Maybe the odd truck or even a Mercedes G-Wagon, but not a Grizzly. Makes my Strom look like less of a tank.

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