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2013 Rally du Cote Ouest - April TBA

When: April, TBA One or possibly two days, weekend after the DSBC Spring Newbie Ride.

Where: Fraser Valley, BC

Cost: Nothing

This is a TSD type rally for all riders. Originally I planned this for ADV rider crowd. But if there is enough interest I can make it for the road riders and 4x4 crowd as well.

A TSD Rally is a Time Speed Distance rally. It's not a go fast ride at your limit kind of ride. Instead it's a test of your navigation skills. The main aim is to go from point A to point B using only a roadbook for navigation. A GPS can be used but no track will be issued for the event. The trick is to come into the final check as close as possible to the key time. The key time will remain secret, but I can give you a hint that it's close to what it would take for a nice easy Sunday ride.

The mid course checks are at gas stations, and are time neutral to give riders a break. Exact distances will be posted before the ride.

Scoring will be based on your time of arrival at the final check. Timing will be to the minute, not seconds. Also one point will be added for every minute off, ahead or behind the key time. The rider with the lowest score wins.

Stage 1: Port Coquitlam to Hope

Stage 2: Hope to Fort Langley

The routebook & paperwork will be given out the morning of the ride. The route will be secret, but I can say that it will consist of twisty backroads and easy gravel. This challenge is supposed to be more mental than physical.

Registration will be via ADV Rider and DSBC forums.

So if you're interested in the event, please feel free to let me know via email (Just remove the brackets in the address before sending.

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